There are mainly two ways to immortalize a marriage. There are classic photos posing and then … stolen shots. There are two ways of telling the same story, and it is true that “de gustibus non est disputandum”, but I think that only the second way can be the faithful guardian of such important and fleeting moments.

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Wedding reportage is a style borrowed from photojournalism, and hence from that branch of photography that aims to objectively reproduce society through the chronicle of images of everyday reality. The photographer then limits himself to taking what he has in front of the lens without interfering. Described in this way, it may seem a passive task that anyone can do. But through what one chooses to photograph, as you decide to do, the cut you choose to give, a single image becomes capable of “saying” far more than a thousand words.

The same applies to wedding reportage, a style that allows you to record the wedding day in all its natural facets, filtered by the creative vein of the photographer, which accentuates certain traits according to his very own creativity.

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If you think about it, we take photos to play, document, transmit, immortalize, preserve and revive things, situations, places, and people. This is always valid, especially for personal photos, those made essentially to remember. The reportage succeeds in this better than classical photography, because marriage is one of life’s events that have to do with the fluid, complex, and impermanent matter of which feelings are made. Because, apart from simply staring at ephemeral moments, he can also tell, subtracting events from the inexorable passage of time, bringing them in the future with all the baggage of the details, stories and emotions they contain.


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Plastic, static and artificial poses leave room for a set of images made of spontaneity, joy, laughter, tears, worry, and all the other shades that characterize such an important day. The result is a sequence of pictures of fresh, modern, intimate, direct and true photos that can convey the atmosphere of those moments over time.

Spouses are not pressed and kidnapped for hours by the photographic service, but are free to live and enjoy their special day with relatives and friends. The photographer becomes a discreet observer that can capture the moment and adapt to your situations and times of your wedding event.

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Wedding reportage is a way of working. It’s my way of working. On tiptoe, but with eyes, ears and heart wide open. To collect everything that encloses the day of your marriage and then return you joy, people, embraces, smiles, jokes, toasts, screams, tears and kisses. All of them stand in an image, authentic and eternal, able to excite you exactly as the day you lived them.

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