Engagement is a photo service dedicated to couples of future spouses.

There is still someone who confuses it with a photo tour between the places that have marked the couple’s story, but in reality it is a very easy, romantic, but fun, photo session that lends itself to multiple interpretations and goals. Above all, this is a way to celebrate an important decision like to marry. Anyway, I don’t want to bother you with a description of the engagement session, you can find additional information on the engagement session page – in this post I’ll suggest you how to use photos coming from and engagement session.

Marica and Francesco will marry at the end of April. When we met we talked about their desire to have a special save the date card, fresh, personal, and outside the classical scheme of the wedding invitation. Engagement photos were therefore the perfect element for their invitations. We took a look at the beautiful colors of autumn, just after the summer, and then we decided together colors and graphic design that best fit the style of their wedding. Then we select the photos from their service, paper, envelopes and finishes, and their save the date cards were born.

They handed them over a few days ago to friends and relatives and it was a success!