Take a couple of future spouses in love, full of enthusiasm for the big day to come. Add evocative natural landscapes, historic town, abandoned places, laughter, complicity, hugs, kisses. That is how an “engagement” session was born. A synonym of engagement is “promise”, this is a photo session that precedes the wedding day. It allows the couple to become familiar with the camera, to get in touch with me so that it will be easier the service of the wedding day. The atmosphere is more relaxed with respect to the wedding day, there are no formal clothes to wear, and the absence of time constraints allows to choose your special places and the best daytime for the service.

The sessions last about 1-2 hours and are held outdoor, in suggestive locations, with the possibility to change dresses during the shooting or even choose a particular theme, play with clothes, settings and gadgets.

It will be the memory of a moment in your life, to be kept in a photo album. You can use the photos to make invitations, tableau decorations, or even a mini site dedicated to your wedding day. It’s a service not just for wedding promises, but also for couples in general. A service dedicated to those who want to celebrate the pleasure of being together and save intimate and personal moments.

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