Frequently Asked Qestions

What is your style?

My style is photographic reportage, a type that is meant to tell, in the most natural and spontaneous manner, all the aspects of such an important day. A style that has a dual value: the photographer becomes a discreet observer that fits your situations and times without ever driving you or bothering you in a delicate moment of your own, letting you enjoy your day with relatives and friends . Beside the “institutional” moments, images of this type of service also capture details, little gestures, emotions and stolen moments, becoming the tiles of a complete and faithful story of the event.

Are you available to travel?

Of course! I will follow you throughout Italy and abroad. The transfer will be included in the price within 60 km, while for the cost of major transfers, overnight stays and multiple days transfers, it will be added to the final cost.

How can I book your service?

In the deep conviction that each “special day” is unique, I prefer to build with you the photo service that best suits your needs, your times and your stories. So, the first stage of a service is to meet and design together the photo service that best suits your needs, your times, and your stories. If this is not possible for logistic reasons, we can have a chat via skype or by phone. Later, I will be happy to make a tailor-made proposal for you. If you decide to accept it, I will prepare a contract that certifies and warrants your choices. Signing this and paying a deposit will formalize mutual engagement. Warning! Without a contract and the deposit payment I won’t be involved with you.

How long before do we need to contact you?

Every year there are different reasons why some dates are most desired than others. The dates of June and July are usually the most requested, but in any case contact me as soon as you can!

Your style is Reportage. But if we want some classic photos: group memories, photo or with parents, relatives and friends?

Absolutely yes! No problem! The reportage does not like pose photos, but the photos are memories and what you will have at finished work is your wedding service, though caught through my eyes. Therefore, I am always available to your requests.

What is the duration of a wedding service?

My goal is to weave the story of your special day. I cannot give you a time in hours or give you a number of photos that will be shot because you cannot put standard rules for days that are unique and therefore never the same. Much depends also on the kind of engagement you entrust me to, but I assure you that at the end of the day, I will pick up every moment and every facet of your wedding.

What is the cost of a wedding service?

My services start at 1200 euros. Anyway, tell you a price without knowing your requests and the features of the event is almost impossible. Please contact me for a personalized quote.

Is the album included in the price?

The wedding album “world” has infinite possibilities and I cannot modify the cost of printing and making a photo album. Because of that I prefer to recommend the type of album that best suits my clients’ tastes and needs and calculate the album cost according to their choice. I propose to my clients only professional and high quality albums, customizable in every aspect, from the materials to the cover, the internal and external graphics, etc.

If we wanted a video session?

I do not deal directly with the video part (economically, contractually and logistically), but I work with professional videomakers, whose style is similar to mine style. I will be happy to let you know my colleagues, when we meet I can advise you about the various type of services.

How aboout the selection of photos to be post-produced?

Photos I will give you are generally between 150 and 250 photos. But a marriage “produces” a much larger number of shots. But who does the selection of the best shots? My advice is always to trust me, not because I want to impose myself, but simply because I can see better what a picture can give. I like to define me as the storyteller of your wedding day: a careful narrator ready to look with your eyes and feel with your heart what is happening, to grasp the details of a day full of emotions and moments that are unrepeatable and fleeting, moments that in post production play an indispensable role. The plot of your story will be the result of how the dots are chosen, valued and sewn together. Is not that why you chose me?

What is post-production?

Post-production is a very important part (even 50%) of the work of any good professional photographer. It consists of image processing using a different type of software, and it is here that every shot is valued. It’s a job that requires patience and time, modes depend very much on the style and the artistic sense of the photographer; to simplify, at this stage colors and lights are corrected to optimize images. But please, do not ask me to change faces, eliminate defects, remove wrinkles, create or move objects of the scene, or, worse, apply writing, artistic effects or add strange decorations! The only purpose of post-production (especially in reportage) is to improve the yield and consequently the emotional impact of the photos!

If we wanted all the other shots?

Along with post-produced photos you will also have all other digital shots in high resolution, ready to be seen or printed whenever you want!

What are the delivery times of a wedding service?

Much depends on my workload! At the time you’ve made the selection of the photos and the album, I’m committed to delivering you work within the next 6 months, but I’m happy to surprise you by delivering the photos in advance!

Other questions? Contact me!